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Special Notice - 13 March 2018
W&M Faculty-Led Summer Program Balance FAQ

(These instructions are for W&M faculty-led summer programs, NOT non-W&M third-party programs. W&M third-party program registrations are due April 10th, and will include a summer billing statement for the registration fee afterwards).

You will only need to pay the balance remaining AFTER the deposit payment and AFTER scholarships/financial aid credits are factored in, on April 2nd. If your balance remaining is $5,400, and you're getting a $1,500 scholarship and a $1,000 loan, your balance due on April 2nd would be $2,900.

Awarded scholarships and financial aid will be posted on your student account, by W&M financial aid, as an account credit in the days and weeks to come. If you would like to know your financial aid package at this time, you should contact your W&M financial aid advisor with a short email message. They will look at the total cost listed on the consortium agreement form, and package you for Summer 2018.

Scholarships and financial aid will be disbursed to pay the program fee on the first day of the program. Scholarships and financial aid in excess of the program fee itself would be disbursed to the student on the first day of the program, either by direct deposit (eRefunds) or a paper check.

This is a new process, and so if you have any questions please contact us at so that we can both answer your questions and refine our instructions! Thank you!

How to choose a study abroad program


The best way to begin exploring your study abroad program options is to attend a Study Abroad Workshop (see schedule -- scroll down for days and times of 101, 201, and W&M Faculty-Led Summer Program Workshops, along with a description of each Workshop's topics). 

No need to make an appointment to attend a Study Abroad Workshop, just show up at one of the times listed. The 101, 201, and W&M Faculty-Led Summer Workshops are usually 20 minutes and you are welcome to stay afterward and chat with the Peer Advisor who can help you begin your search for the perfect study abroad experience. If you have additional questions you can sign up for an advising appointment with a study abroad advisor (either a Peer Advisor or a Global Education Office staff advisor), who can help narrow your program search and answer any specific questions. 

If you have questions about study abroad opportunities, workshop times, or wish to make an appointment with an advisor, contact

How to apply/register for your study abroad program

Once you've decided where you'd like to study abroad, it's time to apply (if it's a W&M program), or register (if it's not)!

Note that although you must register any non-W&M third-party program (e.g. IES, SIT, Arcadia, DIS, etc.) with the Reves Center using this site, you must still apply directly to your program based on their application deadlines (as listed on their own websites), which will often be earlier than W&M's registration deadlines (as listed on this page).

It's vital that you inform the College that you will be abroad, so you will not need to re-apply for admission upon your return, and this is the way to do that!

In order to apply/register for a program or scholarship as a W&M student:

1) Select the Program Search tab at the top of the page

2) Search for your chosen program or scholarship. William & Mary study abroad programs are generally indicated by the "W&M" that precedes the program name. If it is not listed there, or doesn't appear to be accepting applications, register your study abroad with the College by applying to
Other Study Abroad Program (or Other Study Abroad Program - Travel Warning Country if the country of study is currently under a travel warning according to this State Department website*). 

*For non-credit bearing W&M sponsored, funded, or facilitated academic trips to locations covered by a State Department Travel Warning (research, service-learning, etc.) please use the University Travel Warning Review Committee Approval Application

3) Click "Apply/Register" to login with your W&M ID.

On the Program Application Page, you will see some/all of the following fields (depending on the requirements). All items in each area must be completed and submitted for your application or registration to be complete.


Material Submissions
Forms/Agreements that must be printed and physically submitted to the Reves Center for International Studies

Signature Documents
Documents that must be read and digitally signed. (Note: Your electronic signature will be viewed and considered as equivalent to a signature on paper.)

Your online application/registration, which contains a variety of basic information, short answer, and/or essay questions. You may begin a questionnaire and work on it periodically by saving your progress. You must click "Submit" in order for the application questionnaire to be logged as complete and ready for review. (Note: once an application has been submitted, responses can no longer be edited.)

Application Recommendations
Use the available form to request recommendations electronically. (Note: Be sure to contact your recommender(s) in advance, because a recommendation request will be emailed to them when you submit their information). Electronic forms (as opposed to paper ones) are preferred.

Continue an Existing Application/Registration
If you have already begun a program or scholarship application or registration, you may return to work on it at any time before the deadline. Login using your W&M ID and password, and click on the appropriate link under "Applications Filed."

Non-W&M Students
If you are a student at another college or university, apply to a W&M Summer program using a paper application (email to request one).

Late Applications/Registrations
If you wish to submit a late application or registration to study abroad, you must complete the Appeal to Committee on Exceptions form, and submit an additional $100 late fee.