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  • Locations: Rome, Italy
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Restrictions: W&M applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Summer
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Program Description:
Rome Collage

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This program runs next Summer 2024. 

For Summer 2023, please consider the Classical Studies program in Athens/Nafplio, Greece

Rome has been occupied by numerous different populations in its nearly three thousand year history. The Etruscans, Sabines, Romans, and Italians who have called this city home have left an unbelievable treasury of art, architecture, and ancient artifacts that make Rome a wonderful place to visit and study. Now one of the most populous cities in Europe, Rome is host to millions of tourists every year who flock to the Vatican city, ancient Roman ruins, the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, the catacombs, and numerous other sites that give the capital of Italy the name "Roma Aeterna" or Eternal City. In Rome, historic vistas can be found everywhere from the major tourist sites to random alleyways. 

was an ancient Roman town located near present day Naples, that was mostly destroyed and buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. The eruption destroyed the city, killing its inhabitants and burying it under tons of volcanic ash. The site was lost for about 1500 years until it was rediscovered in 1599. The artifacts have been preserved for more than a millennium because of the long lack of air and moisture and give an extraordinary glimpse of life during Roman times. Pompeii has been a tourist destination for over 250 years. Today it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy, with almost 2.5 million visitors every year. Much like Rome, Pompeii feels like it has been frozen in time.

Things to See and Do:
Rome and Pompeii are deeply historical sights full of famous art and architecture. Pompeii's Antiquarium will show you some of the most delicate artifacts excavated from the city, while Rome's Vatican contains the infamous Sistine Chapel. Expect to do a lot of walking around the ruins, and don't forget to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain so fate will bring you back to Rome one day.

Program Description:
Run by W&M's Department of Classical Studies, this intensive three-week summer program in Ancient Roman Studies, focuses on Rome and Pompeii. Students visit archaeological sites, and study monuments and works of art of classical antiquity in their original setting. 

During the program two weeks are devoted to excursions to sites within Rome and the surrounding area.  The additional week is spent in the Bay of Naples area, visiting sites and museums. Housing and excursion logistics are provided by institutional partners. Most meals are included in the program fee, including bag lunches on days of site visits.

Please note that this program runs alternately with the Athens/Nafplio program on even numbered years, this program is scheduled to run in Summer 2022. 

Course Information:
All students will earn 6 credits through the Rome/Pompeii summer program.

4 credits in CLCV 489: The Ancient City, an on-site course in Italy. Course requirements will include the completion of assigned readings, site reports, a journal and a final exam or essay.

2 Credits in CLCV 494: Undergraduate Research Abroad in Classical Studies. Course requirements will include the completion of writing a research paper.

There is a required 1 credit course to be taken in the Spring prior to departure, which you will be registered for following program acceptance. This course is designed specifically for students going on the summer program and is intended to enhance your cross-cultural understanding of Rome and Pompeii and to cover a variety of pre-departure questions. The scheduling of this course will be dependent on the class times possible for program participants.

Courses are taught by W&M faculty. Grades will appear on W&M transcript and will be included in GPA calculations.

W&M Faculty: Jessica Paga -

Arrival date:  May 27, 2022
Departure date:  June 17, 2022


New for Summer 2022, the GEO is announcing an earlier December 1 priority deadline for summer programs and Reves Summer Scholarships.  
Students who apply by December 1 will be given priority on eligibility for programs and scholarships.   

Please note that programs may meet their capacity at the December 1 deadline and may not be accepting new applicants, so to ensure best consideration for your first choice program, we encourage you to apply by December 1.  

Priority Deadlines 
Application Deadline:  December 1, 2021
                With a deposit due deadline:  February 21, 2022  
                And a balance due deadline:   March 11, 2022 
Regular Deadlines   
Application Deadline: February 1, 2022
                With a deposit due deadline:  March 11, 2022 (Friday prior to Spring break)
                And a balance due deadline:  April 1, 2022

Application fee information:
The application fee ($75) is due by the deadline and should be paid online at the GEO Marketplace Store. Whoever is making the payment will need student 93#, email, and phone number. The application fee is refundable in the event that you are not accepted into the program or the program is canceled by W&M. 

Program Fees:
2022 program fee:  $6650.

Students are responsible for airfare and some meals.

To view the estimated costs for this program and important payment information, please visit here. 

Reves Summer Scholarships are available for this program.


  • Students must be an active W&M undergraduate student in good standing, not on academic or disciplinary probation during time abroad, and eligible to take classes at the W&M Williamsburg campus to study abroad. 
  •  Students currently on-campus must successfully complete 1 credit spring course. 
  • For more information about eligibility, please visit our Policies that Affect You page.

Summer Handbook:
Click to view the Summer Abroad Handbook 2022

Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.

This program is currently not accepting applications.