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W&M Semester- La Plata
La Plata, Argentina
Program Terms: Academic Year,
Program Dates &
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Restrictions: W&M applicants only
Fact Sheet:
 Study Abroad Advisor:
Debi DeBacco (
 Program Type:
WM Sponsored Semester
 Language of Instruction:
English, Spanish
 Language Requirements:
Advanced Spanish Language Skills
 Host Institution Website:
 GPA Requirement:
 Host Institution:
Universidad Nacional de La Plata and Comisión Provincial por la Memoria
 Service Component:
 Credit Type:
WM Credit
 Housing Options:
Local Family Homestay
Program Description:


This brochure includes information on the W&M La Plata program, the city of La Plata, academics, program language requirements, program housing, on site support, program fees, program dates and Reves Center resources for the La Plata sponsored semester program.


Program Description

William & Mary’s sponsored semester program in La Plata, Argentina is offered in conjunction with the Comisión Provincial por la Memoria, an internationally recognized human rights education organization whose work also encompasses Argentina’s recent political history of “the disappeared.”  

The program is structured around the in-depth, interdisciplinary study of human rights. W&M students enroll in a core course created for them by the Comisión, as well as complete other courses and an internship with the Comisión. Students may also opt to take courses at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

A number of extra-curricular excursions are offered to W&M students by the Comisión throughout their time in La Plata. 

La Plata, Argentina

La Plata is the capital city of the province of Buenos Aires. The metropolitan area has a population of over 500,000 and is located approximately 50 miles from Buenos Aires. La Plata is located on the River Plate and enjoys warm summers and mild winters with little snowfall in the city. The city’s parks, plazas, museums and architecture make it an environment suited to both academic and leisure pursuits.

Program Dates

Fall 2017

Applications due: March 15

The fall semester typically runs from mid-July to mid-December; actual dates will be posted as soon as they are available)

Spring 2017    (Tentative dates) 

Applications due: October 1, 2016

Arrival: Monday or Tuesday, February 13 or 14

Program Begins: Wednesday, February 15

Program Ends:  Friday, July 14 


Students earn 12 – 15 credits while enrolled in the La Plata sponsored semester program. A representative list of classes can be found below.

All coursework completed on the La Plata program is reflected as W&M credit. Grades appear on students’ W&M transcripts and are calculated into GPA’s.

Upon arrival, students must take an intensive Spanish language course to familiarize themselves with the unique aspects of Argentine Spanish. Students also take three other specific core courses offered by the Comisión in the area of Human Rights. One of the three courses, Intro to Historical & Current Argentine Society serves to introduce students to the historical context that gave rise to the Comisión's work, and to orient students in their selection of internships. Students may choose internships in one of several areas, depending on their interests; recent internship experiences include collaborations with the Comisión's Archive of Police Intelligence, their Committee on Torture, their Jóvenes y Memoria programs and their Memory museum.

In addition, students may enroll in 1-3 courses at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. These are of variable credit and are assigned the number of credits corresponding to reported contact hours. William & Mary equivalencies in Hispanic Studies are listed below.

Program Language Requirements

Advanced intermediate Spanish language skills are required for enrollment. (HISP 208 or equivalent.)


Comisión Courses To Choose From:

CPM Mass Media and the Construction of Memory (45 hours) - Equivalent: HISP 390 or LAS 390 (3 credits)

CPM Argentine Youth, Culture, and Politics (45 hours) - Equivalent: HISP 390 or LAS 390  (3 credits)  

CPM Native people rights and nature conservation (45 hours) - Equivalent: ENSP 249, HISP 390, GBST 390, ANTH 338 (3 credits)

CPM Intro to Historical & Current Argentine Society (45 hours) - Equivalent: HISP 399, GOVT 391, LAS 390 or HIST 311 (3 credits) 

CPM Argentine History Problems of Environment (45 hours) - Equivalent: HISP 390 or LAS 390 (3 credits)

Sample Universidad de La Plata (Courses taught in Spanish)

Intensive Spanish language: Intermediate/Advanced (45 hours) - Equivalent: HISP 300 (3 credits) - REQUIRED

USA Literature-Equivalent: ENGL elective (3 credits) 

Social Work I or II - Equivalent: SOCL 440 (3 credits) 

Sociology of Latin America, 20th C Latin American Culture -Equivalent: SOCL 440 (3 credits)

Problems in Argentine History: The Concept of Gender - Equivalent: GBST 390, HISP 300 (3 credits) or contact Women’s studies   

Popular & Informal Education Workshop - Equivalent: HISP 300, HISP 392 or GBST 390 (3 credits) 

Overseas Migrations During the Late Colonial Period: The Case of Brazil and the River Plate Migration - Equivalent: HISP 300, GBST 390 (Credits currently unknown)

Procedures for the Visual Arts: Printmaking, Sculpture and Art Form (96 hrs) - Equivalent: ART 340 (4 credits) 

Latin-American Thought and Processes – Socio-Political (96 hrs) - Equivalent: GBST 390 (4 credits)

Latin American Culture and Political Communication (45 hours)-Equivalent: HISP 300 (3 credits) 

Reform and Popular Participation in Latin America (96 hours) - Equivalent: GBST 390 (4 credits)

Communication as a Political Tool (96 hours)-Equivalent: HISP 390 (4 credits) 

Problem of Argentine History: Cinema and Politics - GBST 390 (3 credits)

Problems in Argentine History: Argentine History Debates & Contributions to Women and Gender -Equivalent: HISP 300 (3 credits)

The Justiciability of Social Rights in Argentina:  HISP 300 (2 credtis)

On Site Support

Student participants in the La Plata sponsored semester program are supported by Comisión Provincial por la Memoria staff at all times. The Comisión provides orientations and limited excursions, recruits and coordinates host families, assists students with course registration and academic advising, communicates with students throughout their homestays, is always available for emergency support and works closely with W&M staff to ensure the safety and happiness of all participants.

Program Fee  

Fall 2017

Program fee: TBD

Deposit: $1,000. Due on May 1, 2017

Balance: Due to W&M on June 1, 2017

Spring 2017

Program Fee: $12,500 

Deposit: $1,000. Due on November 15, 2016

Balance: Due to W&M on December 16, 2016

This 22-week program fee includes tuition, homestay, most meals, program orientation, city tours and study abroad insurance.

 Students are responsible for round trip airfare to La Plata, incidentals, personal expenditures and any additional travel. Program participants should expect to budget roughly AR $150-$200 per week, keeping in mind that expenditures will depend largely on personal spending habits and travel plans. Be prepared to bring extra funds for emergencies or special occasions.

A Reves Semester Scholarship is available for this program.  Please visit:

Program Contacts

The W&M faculty advisor for the La Plata sponsored semester program is Professor Jorge Terukina
The Reves Center advisor for the La Plata sponsored semester program is Debi DeBacco.

Previous W&M Spanish Language House tutor Diego Diaz is the current on site director of the La Plata program.

For more information on this program and the steps to apply, please review the Steps to Study Abroad on our website.

Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2017 10/03/2016 10/15/2016 TBA TBA
 NOTE: Applications are first reviewed by the Reves Center, and students nominated for the exchange program are notified. Application materials are then sent to the school abroad (and the school abroad often requests additional materials at this time). When the school abroad completes their application review, students are then notified of the final acceptance decision. This timeline varies greatly from school to school. In rare cases a student nominated by the Reves Center will not be selected by the school abroad to attend their university; the Reves Center would then explore further options for the student. 2. Any start and end dates listed are to serve as a guide for general planning, but specific dates are subject to change and may not include mandatory orientation programs or exams. Contact your host university for the most accurate dates.